Intel DX79SR Motherboard LGA 2011

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Intel DX79SR Motherboard Overview
Introducing Intel's new Sandy Bridge-E Intel DX79SR motherboard based on the X79 chipset. This new top of the line Extreme Series motherboard provides support for Intel's fastest i7 processors. The DX79SR features a new LGA2011 socket accommodating the new i7-3960X, i7-3930K and i7-3820 E-Series processors.

This board is not for the weak at heart, but if you feel the need for speed, the DX79SR is for you. Intel pulled out all stops on this top shelf motherboard including 3x PCI Express x16 slots, and 8 memory banks to support the latest and greatest QUAD channel DDR3 memory. Feel free to  and refer back to it for the most accurate and up to date information on this product.

Intel DX79SR Motherboard

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Intel's installation instructions for the BXRTS2011LC and the BXRTS2011AC are shown below:

* Could also be under part numbers: RTS2011AC, RTS2011LC, RTS2011, BXRTS2011AC, BXRTS2011LC


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Computers Using the Intel DX79SI Motherboard
Looking for a computer system with the new Intel DX79SI motherboard? Look no further. QuadStation Systems by NTI, are ultra high performance, multiple screen computers designed to substantially increase productivity regardless of profession. Each system supports from 2-12 displays and your mouse moves across all screens.

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